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Pokemon GO Pokedex Battery Case: Make Your Own Pokedex For Your Phone

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Pokemon GO has turned out to be a big battery drainer for iOS and Android smartphones. Players are left with two choices: either stop playing the game or have some power backup. However, a fan has made a 3D printed Pokemon GO Pokedex battery case that can solve the problem for you. Imitating the the first-generation Kanto?s Pokedex design, the new battery case allows Pokemon fans to keep moving without having to deal with low battery issues.

The user 3D printed the battery case in ABS and added a small circuit to the system. The circuit flashes red, yellow and green lights to notify the players about the battery status. Along with the circuit system, there?s a 18650 lithium cell that provides backup power to the user?s phone. This Pokemon GO Pokedex battery case features 2600mAh battery that powers your phone when your device?s battery is drained.

Pokemon Go Pokedex Battery Case

The user has demonstrated the system on his Samsung Galaxy S4, but on the official blog, he claims that they are working on bringing the Pokedex battery case for different mobile phone models. The user also stated that they are working on bringing more improved versions of the device. He is planning to add some more features including cooling fans in the new versions. The new version may also come out with an additional battery. If this happens, players will no longer complain about battery drainage.

Those who have a 3D printer and some knowledge on electronics and embedded programming can easily make the device at home. The user has very clearly demonstrated every single part of the system he has made. However, if you are not interested in getting your hands dirty, it is better to wait for the new versions.

The user has not clarified whether he plans to make the Pokemon GO Pokedex battery case commercially available. Interested fans can simply make it at home by downloading the files and print it themselves.

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