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Pokemon GO PokeCoins Guide: How To Get Free Currency By Playing The Game

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Pokemon Go

How do you collect free PokeCoins in Pokemon GO? If you are playing the game, you may be wondering about getting free currency to buy in-game items. Well, collecting free PokeCoins is absolutely possible. All you need to do is follow some simple tips and tricks to get them for free. Here?s a guide on how players can collect PokeCoins for free.

PokeCoins let the players buy items in Pokemon GO. There are two methods through which one can collect items such as Lucky Eggs, Incubator, Lure Modules and PokeBalls. You can either spend real money to get them, or you can collect them by performing some actions in the game. The second way is obviously better if you do not want to spend real money. First of all, you?ll need to get involved in battles and you?ll need to take over a gym.

If you are a skilled trainer in the game, you can make a Pokemon guard a gym for at least 21 hours. If you successfully manage to do so, you?ll get a Defender Bonus which is equivalent to 10 PokeCoins for a gym. If you are skilled enough, you can control up to 10 gyms a day. When your Pokemon guards 10 gyms a day for 21 hours, you?ll get 100 PokeCoins, which is equivalent to US$0.99 real money.

The money you get in the game can only be exchanged with the items available in the Store. On its official website, game developer Niantic suggests players to visit the store and exchange the PokeCoins with the available items. Players can find the Shop in the menu, and there they?ll see their available PokeCoins. After exchanging the coins, they can collect the item they wish to buy.

Pokemon GO is now available in several countries on iOS and Android devices, but fans in Europe and Canada are still waiting for its official launch. It is better for players in these regions to wait for the official release instead of using any vulnerable APK file.

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