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Pokemon GO Pokeball Freezing Issue Fix: Guaranteed Way To Solve Lag Problems On Android & iOS

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Pokemon Go

Freezing issues in Pokemon GO have been haunting players since the game?s launch. Nintendo and Niantic have assured fans about the fixes, and the company has also fixed some existing problems. Players have also played a major role in making their own solutions to all the known problems. Recently, a fan has discovered a fix for the PokeBall freezing issue. The solution works perfectly on both Android and iOS devices.

Sometimes, Pokemon GO players encounter freezing issues whenever they throw a Pokeball. Whenever you catch a Pokemon, an animation appears on the screen and the game freezes for a few minutes or longer. According to a Reddit user, after throwing a PokeBall when the catch is completed, players will see the animation with the Pokemon inside the Pokeball. At that moment, if they tap the Recent Apps menu button on their device and wait for a few minutes until the game loads all the required data, their PokeBall freezing issues will be addressed.

The user claims that he has successfully tried the method on Android and it works perfectly. For players on iOS, the user suggests stopping the game by sliding down the notifications menu or opening the bottom settings menu. According to the user, the whole process works in a very simple way. The time spent during this process will allow Pokemon GO to determine the outcome of the throw, and it will load the data accordingly.

A fan also confirmed the effectiveness of this method, suggesting that iPhone users can open the quick menu to ease down the freezing. According to the fan, the PokeBalls freeze because the server doesn?t instantly update the game on the outcome, and the game is unable to decide on the output, so it freezes the animation.

However, using this method often whenever the freezing issue occurs can get tiresome. As the game has not yet been released worldwide, we hope that Niantic is currently finding a solution for all of the problems in Pokemon GO.

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