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Pokemon GO: PokeAdvisor Accidentally Shut Down After Niantic’s Crackdown On Bots?

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Niantic has been shutting down all the third party apps that violate its terms of use for Pokemon GO. The company has already shut down many popular applications, with PokeAdvisor as the latest victim. The popular app recently stopped working and fans believe that Niantic accidently shut it down.

In the last couple of days, Niantic has been closing its doors to all the malicious attempts that intend to compromise the security of Pokemon GO. The web application PokeAdvisor is said to have violated the company?s terms as it also uses the game?s data, similar to PokeVision which was also shut down by Niantic a few days ago.

On a Reddit thread, fans said that there are chances for a comeback of PokeAdvisor. Niantic did not target the service specifically, but it has blocked access to all the service requests coming from cloud servers. It is said that Niantic has blocked the IP range to identify whether the traffic is coming from legitimate mobile phone users or directly from bots.

Practically, it is really hard to distinguish genuine players from bots. Now that the company is implementing new security measures to keep its servers stable and reduce the load created by bots, they are blocking all the services that use certain cloud servers.

It seems that blocking access for bots is not that easy. Fans have started suggesting many ways through which Niantic can identify and block all the bots causing trouble to its servers. Niantic CEO John Hanke has already confirmed that the developers are working to bring solutions for the game, and it seems that the company will soon eliminate the problems.

Since PokeAdvisor is not working anymore, here are some alternatives you can use: PokeAssistant, Pokemon Manager, GoStats, PokemonGOProTips and IV Calculator. However, you should use these tools at your own risk because Niantic is strict with players using hacks or tools to modify or collect data from any source other than Pokemon GO itself.

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