Pok?mon GO Poke Coins: Resource Management Guide To Avoid Spending On Microtransactions

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Pok?mon GO

Despite Pokemon GO?s free-to-play business model, the microtransaction shop might interest players, especially those aiming to get ahead in the game. However, you can survive the mobile game even without spending a penny or using fewer resources. Here are some tips to save up on those Pokeballs and other items in Pokemon GO.


Since the mobile game is mostly about catching Pokemon instead of training and battling other players, Pokeballs will be central to the gameplay. Pokeballs can be snagged for free when visiting PokeStops, but they?re only few, and the better Pokeballs are rare finds. Alternatively, Pokeballs can be bought from the store, but it?s not the best way if you?re running low on balls. Instead, aim to find the most PokeStops near your area that aren?t a hassle to get to. You?ll spend energy or gasoline to get there, so it?s going to cost you something. For starters, aim to keep around 30 to 50 Pokeballs ready for any random encounter, and make every ball count.

Egg Hatching

At the store, you can see an Egg Incubator item that hatches eggs. If you?re not in the rush to hatch all your eggs, the starting egg incubator will do. The starting and shop incubators work similarly, as you?ll have to insert an egg in them and walk around a certain amount of kilometers to hatch the egg. According to the official Pokemon GO site, the egg hatching system works like a pedometer of sorts. Make sure you cover far distances rather than just stepping inside and outside your house. This works similarly to the main series where players would have to travel a certain amount of steps to hatch the egg. Just remember to cover as much distance as you can so you can free up your incubator quickly for another egg.

Incense and Lure Modules

In the game, Incense attracts Pokemon, while Lure Modules are used on PokeStops to attract more wild Pokemon. Since Pokemon GO is more of a collecting and catching game instead of an adventure, the reverse effect of the ?Repel? items should help people in this mobile game. Instead of availing these items though, you can go for the regular rates and just enjoy the random encounters for a while. If you manage to snag a few Incense and Lure Modules on the way, keep them until you want to evolve a Pokemon, as you?ll have to grind by catching more Pokemon for their Candy items and Stardusts. Make sure to invite friends in the PokeStops if you?re running a Lure Module to make the hunt less tiring.

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