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Pokemon GO Plus Wristband Now Available for Pre-Order?

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Pokemon GO Plus

Pokemon GO is expected to become one of the most addictive mobile game once it releases this year. Everyone knows just how addicting the Pokemon games can be, starting from the early GameBoy versions to online games available today. While there are still some details that we do not know yet about the Pokemon GO, an accessory, which can be used by would-be Pokemon trainers, has popped up available for pre-order right now.

According to IGN, the Pokemon GO Plus wristband is already available right now for pre-order on The same report mentions that the wearable accessory can link to your smartphone via Bluetooth and is said to have a $35 price tag.

While the price of the Pokemon GO wristband may seem like too much for non-gamers, it can actually make a huge difference for those who want to do really well in the game. According to the report, wearing the Pokemon GO wristband can make it a lot easier for the players to go out and play as well as to catch wild Pokemon. With just a press of the button, the user can throw a Pokeball and try to catch the best Pokemon available.

Those who want to get their hands on the Pokemon GO wristband can easily do so by securing their pre-orders via Amazon as early as now. PC Advisor UK mentions that while there is no solid launch date for the game, a July release date seems to be even more likely. The pre-order for the Pokemon GO wristband is not available on Amazon UK, so it will be interesting to see if the accessory will likewise be made available to its users across the pond.

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