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‘Pokemon Go Plus’ Should You Wait or Buy The Device From Ebay?

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Pokemon GO Plus

Pokemon Go has broken all the barriers in terms of popularity. In just a little bit more than a week, Pokemon Go has become the best rated app for mobile gaming. The intense popularity of the new augmented reality game is causing the price rise of its wearable Pokemon Go Plus.

The device was launched along with Pokemon Go. The Pok?mon Go Plus is sold out at Amazon and GameStop. It is not available at the official Nintendo Stores. Retailers like eBay have started to take advantage of the demand of Pokemon Go Plus and is selling the device for up to $250.

The actual price of the device set by Nintendo is $35. However, due to lack of stocks, reseller site eBay is selling the device at a much higher rate. The average price is hitting somewhere between $100 and $250 for the official first-party version. The device is available for pre-order starting at around $140. Customers can buy the device right now via auction, the auction will probably reach close to $200. The lowest auction is available for $60 and is supposed to reach at least $100, reported IGN.

Pokemon Go Plus is one of the most interesting game controllers. It will alert the player when a Pokemon or other items are near. Players can throw the PokeBall by pressing the button on the device to catch the Pokemon and pick up the items via the wearable. The light on the device will indicate the result.

However, the device is not necessary to play Pokemon Go. However, there are notable advantages of having a Pokemon Go Plus. For instance, players don?t have to have their eyes glued to their phone screens at all times for fear of missing out on catching a Pokemon.

Pokemon Go Plus

On the other hand, Nintendo has not provided any details regarding the availability of the device, which is driving Pokemon fans even crazier. Their interest in the eBay deals is obvious. Hopefully, Nintendo will soon release a fresh stock of Pokemon Go Plus, so Pokemon fans will get the wearable version on their wrists soon.

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