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Pokemon GO Plus vs Apple Watch: Find Out Which Is The Better Pokemon GO Accessory

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Pokemon GO Plus
Pokemon GO Plus

Pokemon GO has finally landed on the Apple Watch and is now being used by Pokemon GO players since its release last December 22. But with the popular mobile game already utilizing the Pokemon GO plus accessory, is the Apple Watch version really worth it? Join us to find out which one is the better Pokemon GO accessory between the Pokemon GO Plus and the Apple Watch!

Apple Watch

Pokemon GO on the Apple Watch has features that are ahead when compared to the Pokemon GO Plus. On the Apple Watch you are able to spin PokeStops to collect items and notifications of Pokemon nearby are present. In addition, Pokemon tracking and distance traveled are also being worked on the Apple Watch.

Pok?mon GO Plus

The Pokemon GO Plus may not lack some of the features of the Apple Watch but it has one that completely obliterates its Apple contemporary. What is it? Well, you can catch Pokemon on the Pokemon GO Plus.

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The Pokemon GO Plus will also allow players to collect items and spim PokeStops. Notifications of nearby Pokemon are also present in the Pokemon GO Plus. However, with the absence of a screen like the Apple Watch, players won?t be able to know just what Pokemon is close by. On the other hand, it?s important to note that some users have reported that at least the Pokemon GO Plus notifies players of nearby Pokemon faster than the Apple Watch version.

The Pokemon GO Plus lack distance tracking but the feature does become available when it is paired alongside the phone app. In this respect, the Apple Watch has an advantage when it comes to health and fitness usage.

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Which Should You Buy?

So which one is the better Pokemon GO tool? Well the answer actually depends on a user?s preference. The Apple Watch is fine if you already own one. Keep in mind that you won?t be able to catch Pokemon on the GO with it alone. Meanwhile, the Pokemon GO Plus accessory?s catching ability is pretty great and would be worth it?s $35 price tag. If you don?t have an Apple watch, then you?re better off getting the Pokemon GO Plus instead.

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