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Pokemon GO Plus Update Possibly Not Coming Despite Addition Of New Features

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Pokemon GO Plus

Niantic has recently launched a major update for Pokemon GO that adds a slew of new features to the game. Thanks to all of the new updates, players were expecting new changes to help the game’s peripheral device have more features as well. However, it looks like a Pokemon GO Plus update might not be coming after all.

Along with the new update is a feature that gives players the ability to spin Gym discs to get more items. This new feature should be very compatible with the game’s peripheral device but even a single Pokemon GO Plus update might not even come out anymore, reports GameRant.

A response from Nintendo Support answers one player’s questions about whether or not a Pokemon GO Plus update is coming. The support answered, “At this time this is expected behavior of the GO Plus device. We are not aware of any plans to make changes to that behavior but keep an eye out for updates as they become available.”

Niantic itself is yet to reveal whether or not the peripheral will be updated at all and with the new Gym disc spin feature, the developer should’ve already considered updating the device. If Niantic doesn’t release a Pokemon GO Plus update to cater to the new and upcoming features of the game, then the device will be rendered useless the more Pokemon GO upgrades.

The peripheral device for Pokemon GO launched earlier this year with a price of $35. The device was capable of a few features including catching Pokemon, collecting items and tracking distances even when the game is not open.

Many players are not happy with what they got from the device due to the lack of features. If Niantic wants players to be happy with what they’re getting from Pokemon GO Plus, then they should update it sometime in the future.

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