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Pokemon GO Plus: Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Buy It

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Pokemon Go Plus

Pokemon GO is about to become is nearly a month old and the hype is still alive and kicking. Players worldwide are all playing outdoors, either walking for hatching eggs or walking for more wild Pokemon. There are a few features still missing from the game and it could only be a matter of time before the game feels like it?s at 100%, but another item that would make the game complete it Pokemon GO Plus. If you?re still not sure whether you should buy the device, then we?re here to help you out.

It?s A Battery Saver

Pokemon GO Plus will connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth, which could add to the game?s ridiculous battery consumption. ?However, with Pokemon GO Plus, you no longer have to keep your smartphone?s screen on for hours on end as the device will help you out by vibrating or blinking whenever an event occurs like encountering a Pokemon or an egg hatching. This means you?ll only be looking at your phone during vital times.

It?s More Than Just Notification

The official website of Pokemon states that the Pokemon GO Plus can be used to catch Pokemon by simply pressing the small button on it. It?s probably a more convenient form of Pokemon catching instead of sliding your finger across the touch screen.

It?s Cheap

The gadget costs roughly $34.99 which isn?t that big of a price tag. Just save a few dollars from now and you?ll be able to get the device hassle-free. ?Some may argue that $34.99 is way too expensive for a very small Bluetooth device, but let?s all admit that the inner Pokemon trainer in us is itching to get a hold of a nifty device that comes below $50.

We?ve yet to know when the device will launch in all countries, but according to the official website of Pokemon, it will come sometime before July ends.

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