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Pokemon GO Plus Sold Out? Where To Buy The Companion Device

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Pokemon Go Plus

With the Pokemon GO release, Nintendo and Niantic have finally given fans a compelling reason to ditch consoles and get fit by walking outside their homes. The mobile game uses location data to help players catch Pokemon in real life, but the company is also selling ?the Pokemon GO Plus device for players. The device helps people stay connected to the game when they are not able to look at their phone. Nintendo has not confirmed the official release date of the device, but in online upon checking online sellers, the pre-order of the device already costs over a whopping US$100.

Those looking to buy Pokemon GO Plus should note that the device is not available in any of the major retail stores. From Amazon to GameStop, almost every reliable retailer has listed the product as unavailable. On Nintendo Store, the company has declared that the product is ?temporarily unavailable.? Those looking to get the device can head to eBay because some sellers are accepting Pokemon GO Plus pre-orders. The device?s normal price will be around US$35, but sellers on eBay are asking fans to pay over US$100 for the device.

Some of the listings on eBay are asking fans to shell out more than US$200. The device is expected to arrive sometime this month, but fans still need to wait for the official confirmation. Those looking for places to buy the wearable should note that the Nintendo Store itself will be selling the device. However, the pre-orders are unavailable at the moment, and there?s no other reliable place to pre-order the device with its actual price. As of the moment, fans can only continually visit Amazon, GameStop, Nintendo Stores to check if the device will be available soon.

Pokemon GO Plus connects to smartphones via Bluetooth and notifies players about nearby Pokemon and PokeStops. The device also keeps players updated about various events in the game. The device uses lights and vibrations to alert the players.

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