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Pokemon GO Plus Review: Should You Buy One?

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The Pokemon GO Plus will be available soon. Fans have been wondering if they should save up for the companion device. Some people have managed to get it or try it out before its official release, and the results have been mixed. A few people have liked it, while a few others haven’t. It’s hard to judge it since it hasn’t been released to the general public.

However, as mentioned previously, there are fans who’ve tried it already. They have posted reviews online to help others out. It’s a good way to determine if the device is worth paying US$34.99 for. To be honest, it mostly appeals to hardcore fans of the game. Will they be hardcore enough to buy it though?

Pokemon GO Minus?

One review on Reddit has pointed out the various flaws of the Pokemon GO Plus. While it is useful for catching some Pokemon, it’s not great at finding Poke Stops. This is a mixture of data internet and the device’s priorities with catching Pokemon. Basically, a smartphone or tablet is better for finding Poke Stops.

This might not sound like a big deal to some, but Poke Stops are essential. They give minor XP and some useful items. On rare occasions, they can even give players Pokemon Eggs. That’s a huge deal, since they can have some great Pokemon in them. They’re also the only chances players have to get some region-exclusive Pokemon like Kangaskhan.

Buy Or Ignore Pokemon GO Plus?

Aside from only appealing to hardcore fans of the game, it’s also pretty expensive. Considering that the game it supports is a free download makes the device even harder to recommend. That being said, it is useful for catching Pokemon. The device does tell players when one is around, even when the app is in the background.

So is Pokemon GO Plus a must-buy? Not likely. It’s pretty pricey, even if it has a cool design. That being said, Pokemon trainers that want to chill while looking for monsters should consider it. Basically, it’s up to the player. Keep in mind that the device isn’t available yet, so the various flaws mentioned could be fixed before release. ?

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