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Pokemon Go Plus Release In September Confirmed?

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Pokemon GO Plus

Pokemon GO fans are waiting for Pokemon GO Plus. Now there are chances that Pokemon GO fans will soon get their hand on the wearable as the company has announced to launch the devices in September.

Pokemon GO Plus was announced along with Pokemon GO. Just few customers got their hands on the device. The wearable is out of stock on official Nintendo stores as well as other online retailers.

Finally, Nintendo America has announced that the release of the device has been pushed back to September. In a tweet posted on July 26, it has confirmed the release. However, the company has not explained why the release date has been delayed. Moreover, it is not confirmed that this release date is global or for America only.

The actual price of the device set by Nintendo is $35. However, due to lack of stocks, reseller site eBay is selling the device at a much higher rate. The average price is hitting somewhere between $100 and $250 for the official first-party version. The device is available for pre-order starting at around $140. Customers can buy the device right now via auction, the auction will probably reach close to $200. The lowest auction is available for $60 and is supposed to reach at least $100, reported IGN.

Pokemon Go Plus

Pokemon Go Plus

Pokemon GO Plus is one of the most interesting gaming controllers. It will make the Pokemon GO Plus safer. With the wearable players will be able to play Pokemon GO without looking at the mobile phone all the way.

Pokemon GO Plus connects via Bluetooth and notifies the player with LED fitted on the device and vibration feature. The player will receive a notification when Pokemon or other items are nearby. Moreover, the button on the device will let the users to catch it without looking at the device.

Hopefully, Nintendo will soon release a fresh stock of Pokemon Go Plus, so Pokemon fans will get the wearable version on their wrists soon.

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