Pokemon GO Plus Release Date: When Will It Launch In Your Country?

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Pokemon GO Plus

As more Pokemon GO servers are being installed, the market for the Pokemon GO Plus gadget may exponentially grow. However, online pre-orders for the device are not available at the moment as the product has long been out of stock on sites like Gamestop and Amazon. When will the nifty Pokemon GO peripheral arrive in your region?

According to the official Pokemon GO site from The Pokemon Company, the Pokemon GO Plus allows you to play some parts of the game without opening your phone. The device detects nearby wild Pokemon for you to catch and allow you to interact with PokeStops with a single button press. This makes mundane grinding tasks more bearable in the mobile game, so it?s exceptionally handy not only for active players but also busy gamers who still want to continuously progress in the game. The gadget only costs around $34.99, according to a Gamestop listing.

Fortunately, UK players can still pre-order the device on the Nintendo UK site, as the game?s server for some European countries were announced just this week. On July 13, the server in Germany became available, while the server in UK went live on July 14. It might be better for players to snag a pre-order of the gadget as it may also get out of stock soon.

However, the Pokemon GO Plus is currently out of stock in the US on both Gamestop and Amazon. The only option for those interested to buy the device is eBay, where the gadget?s scarcity is completely capitalized on, with its prices skyrocketing beyond $100. Additionally, Niantic and Nintendo haven?t announced anything yet about a restock for other regions.

Currently, Pokemon GO is universally enjoyed by fans despite the issues in the game. Niantic is currently focused on fixing the game rather than penalizing its cheaters. Perhaps the developers will start focusing on promoting the game once it?s stable. Stay updated on more news about the game and its peripherals here on TheBitBag.

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