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Pokemon GO Plus Release Date on September 30 According to GameStop?

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Pokemon GO Plus

Pokemon GO has become a massive hit all over the world. The augmented reality game has become a mainstream success, with countless Pokemon trainers wandering about towns and cities in the hunt for Pokemon in the real world. With Pokemon GO becoming one of the most popular mobile games today, Nintendo plans on joining the fray by introducing the Pokemon GO Plus, a handy accessory that can let you stay connected to the game even without holding your smartphone. The Pokemon GO Plus release date is still a mystery at this point but the recent rumor has September as the month it will officially launch.

Pokemon GO is such a fun game that so many people have become addicted to it. But without holding your smartphone, you will not be able to play the game. Well, Pokemon GO Plus plans to solve this problem. According to Polygon, with the Pokemon GO Plus activated and connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth, you will be alerted if you are actually near a Pokestop or there are nearby Pokemon that you can catch. You can even catch Pokemon that you have caught before using the accessory which will certainly make Pokemon GO fans extremely happy.

Being able to play Pokemon GO even with your smartphone in your pocket is certainly an excellent idea. Unfortunately, Pokemon GO fans cannot go out and buy the Pokemon GO Plus just yet. The recent rumor is that the Pokemon GO Plus is going to become available sometime in September although this has not been confirmed by Niantic just yet.

Still, it appears that a September release date for the Pokemon GO Plus could be a strong possibility. The accessory is already uploaded on the GameStop website where you can see an image of the add-on. Users cannot add the device to cart though but a quick glance at the page lists the release date for the accessory as September 30, 2016.

Pokemon GO Plus

This date has not yet been confirmed by Niantic but chances are, GameStop probably knows something that most of us do not. There is no point in placing September 30, 2016 as the release date on their website if there is no truth behind it. I guess Pokemon GO fans will just have to wait and see to find out if Gamestop indeed has the release date right. Until then, gamers will just have to play Pokemon GO the old fashioned way.

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