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Pokemon GO Plus: Nintendo Explains US & Europe Release Date Delay

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Pokemon GO Plus

Nintendo has announced that the Pokemon GO Plus device will be delayed till September. The watch-like device was meant to be a companion app to the mobile game, connecting players to it and letting them catch Pokemon. It seems like those willing to invest in it will have to wait for a while.

The news was announced on the official Twitter page of the company’s UK branch. The tweet doesn’t get into the nitty-gritty of the delay, merely thanking the mobile game’s fans for being patient now that the device has been delayed for a few months. The company later told Polygon that the delay was done so that the game would work properly with the accessory.

While delays are worrisome, they are usually done for the best, and this accessory is no exception. One can assume that the company wants the Pokemon GO Plus accessory to work well with the game and did not want to rush the production of it. If the company releases an incomplete product, fans will surely complain since it’s pretty expensive, costing a whopping US$34.99.

Considering the number of problems the actual mobile game is suffering from, the delay is probably for the best. The mobile game doesn?t have all the Pokemon yet and still has a number of issues, including the infamous three-step bug that has bothered players since its release. There is also the new freezing issue that was recently discovered after the latest update, so that will have to be fixed as well.

Fans will have to wait a while before getting their hands on this.

Despite all of these faults, Pokemon GO has proven to be a big hit and is the most downloaded app in recent memory, so there are probably a number of fans disappointed at the accessory’s delay. While the move is understandable, let us hope that Nintendo and Niantic release the item in time. Another delay would anger plenty of the game’s fans, so here?s hoping that they nail the September release date.

Pokemon GO is currently available for certain countries and seems to be nearing a worldwide release, now that the game’s servers have improved and some of its issues have been solved. The Pokemon GO Plus accessory will now be available on September instead of its original July date.

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