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Pokemon GO Plus: Benefits For iOS & Android Users Detailed By Niantic

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Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO is almost here. The highly anticipated mobile game recently completed its beta run and is now getting fixed for its July release. While most fans are excited at the prospect of a mobile Pokemon game, especially with the Pokemon GO Plus, some have been a bit negative about the gameplay experience, pointing out the lack of a proper story and turn-based battles, making it feel very different from the classic Pokemon games.

In a rather honest interview with Polygon, developer Niantic pointed how the mobile game is not meant to be a recreation of what came before, but a new mobile experience that can reel in new and old fans alike. The developers stated that the game is meant to appeal to newer players who might not be able to commit to a full experience like the upcoming 3DS games Pokemon Sun and Moon.

At the same time, the developers feel that there is plenty of room for depth, despite the game looking like a simplified version of the older titles. Pokemon GO allows players to be in charge of their own gym, where they have to build up a team of Pokemon that other players can challenge. It?s definitely a unique feature and one that the older games have not been able to do yet.

Pokemon GO Plus also lets players use the game once the player has downloaded the app on a mobile device or smartphone. It?s not clear if this will justify the US$34.99 price, but fans will be able to pick it up next month and see for themselves. The device can be worn as a bracelet or a wristwatch and allows for instant play of the game.

Niantic also stated that it is much more accessible than the Apple Watch, which is saying a lot. Being able to play the game on the go, while also meeting with friends in various gatherings could be really useful too. ?”With a few clicks of the button, you can harvest items and catch Pok?mon and continue to build up progress in the game,? The Pokemon Company?s consumer marketing director told Polygon.

There is also no need to capture all the Pokemon that will be available in the mobile game. The emphasis on catching all of the creatures is part of the series? catchphrase, but since this is meant to be more of a social game, this aspect of the title has been seriously downplayed. This definitely is not a bad thing, since capturing all the critters in previous games could feel like a taxing task.

While the major differences from the 3DS and Game Boy titles might turn off veteran gamers, the promise of heading one?s own gym and building a solid party could reel them back in. Making the mobile game new player-friendly might end up being one of the most praised aspects of the mobile title, when it comes out in July.

Pokemon GO will be coming to iOS and Android next month. Niantic has yet to announce the exact date the game will release in July.

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