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Pokemon GO Players Walk Near Live Minefields to Catch Pokemon? Is this Game Turning Fatal?

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Many Pokemon GO players in?Bosnia (Europe) are reportedly risking their lives by walking near real minefields and other suspected hazardous places in the name of?catching Pokemon.

This is apparently not an exceptional scenario in Bosnia as it frequently happens. Many Pokemon GO players reportedly shared photos of themselves near the warning sign of landmines.

In a Facebook post, the non-profit organization ?Posavina Bez Mina? (translates to ?Posavina Without Mines?) wrote down the following: “Today we received information that there are cases where users of the app Pokemon Go frequently go in suspected hazardous and risky places to find Pokemon.? This warning has been issued by this humanitarian organization after stumbling on to a slew of Facebook photos, proudly flaunting the near-death experience.

The organization is very concerned with the recent happenings in the country and hence, it noted further that “One can consider it a joke but it is not a joke if you consider the fact that twenty years after the war was over, we still have casualties every year.?

The ?Posavina Without Mines? is dedicated to warning and alerting fellow countrymen and women about the innumerable amount of landmines spread across the area. Their official website says apart from warning people about the danger, they also mark suspected areas as risky.

This non-profit group also offers assistance to mine victims and they make the world aware of the mine-related problems plaguing the country.

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Meanwhile, CNet noted that there are about?1,400 square kilometers of mined areas and nearly 88,000 buried landmines in this region. To top it off, there are many unexploded military supplies as well.

Since this is an ongoing work, not all the suspected locations have been marked properly. Hence, Pokemon GO players are better off avoiding risky minefields and not stepping into one while trying to catch a?rare Pokemon.

In any case, Pokemon GO team advises its players to be alert and aware of the surrounding environment at all times. So far, we have heard incidents of players walking straight into busy roads and being the trigger for car crashes.

Some of the Pokemon GO players have reportedly fallen off rocks and a peculiar few have mistakenly walked into Indonesian military base. Are we taking the ?Catch ?Em All? slogan literally to a worrisome level?

CNet pointed out that organization like Common Sense Media has requested Nintendo to warn the Pokemon GO players by updating the game with some much-needed changes to protect its ardent fan base from any fatal incidents.


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