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Pokemon GO Players Receive Flak: ‘They Defecate, Urinate, And Procreate Over There,’ Says Pokemon NO Founder

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Some people don’t like Pokemon GO. [Image from Pokemon GO Facebook]

While fans of Pokemon GO look for new monsters, it seems like they have unknowingly angered people by playing it. Many feared that mobile players would be hit by cars or wander off to scary places when playing the game. Now those fears have been replaced by annoyance, as an angry group called Pokemon NO has emerged from the complaints.

The Silph Road subreddit brought up the angry group as well, pointing out that they want to limit VR exploration. Seems like these people want Niantic to get permits if they want to keep their Pokemon Gyms and PokeStops. It seems like the complaints come from people who don’t like their surroundings to get littered with trash as well as the various noises that come with players exploring areas.

Parks and Defecation

According to Delaware Online, Pokemon GO fans in Old New Castle are still rampant, making plenty of noise. What’s worse is that some fans “urinate, defecate and procreate” around the parks where some rare Pokemon run rampant. If true, this is pretty unfortunate and these fans should up their hygiene game, so that they don’t annoy anyone.

Considering how much momentum the game has lost since it’s release, the real surprise comes from the angry group. One would think that there are only a few fans who still enjoy the game, but it looks like it’s still popular in other countries. Sadly, it seems like these fans have a bad reputation and it might result in Niantic getting negative press.

Go V No: Dawn of Pokemon

While some fans might worry about the fate of Pokemon GO, it seems like the mobile game will be fine. The game just had an Easter event, which seems to have gone well for players, so it looks like we can expect even more holiday-themed events. Pokemon NO doesn’t seem like a major threat just yet, though fans in the subreddit have made good points about cities wanting to restrict usage of the mobile game.

Only time will tell if there are any major repercussions for the actions of the unhygienic fans, but that’s unlikely. After all, the game is nowhere as big as it once was, with most of the excitement limited to a small section of fans. Still, considering how a whole group has come out of this, it looks like the game will be getting more attention for the wrong reasons.

Pokemon GO is available now on both iOS and Android devices. Expect more events and updates soon, since that is the nature of the game.

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