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Pokemon GO Playable On Nintendo NX?

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Pokemon GO

It seems that Nintendo may bring one of their most popular game on its upcoming console called the NX. The availability of Pokemon GO on Nintendo NX would be a great idea, given the skyrocketing popularity of the AR game. The game is already available on iOS and Android, and if the rumors are something to go by, there are chances that the highly addictive game will be available on the console with the Nintendo NX release.

A WSJ report (via Eurogamer) suggests that Nintendo is planning to bring all of its mobile games to the NX console. However, Nintendo has declined the publisher?s request to comment on the issue, and it seems that Nintendo is planning something big this time. The recent reports have already confirmed that Nintendo NX is not just a console. Now that the rumor about Pokemon GO is circulating on the Web, fans are thrilled to have a new platform to play the game.

The recent reports suggest that Nintendo NX is a mobile and handheld home console. In fact, you can?t even call NX a console for now. As businesses are now focusing on mobile, there are chances that Nintendo might follow the same strategy and make Nintendo NX compatible with mobile games.

The company only has a single mobile app at the moment, but it is focusing on releasing Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing on mobile phones. These games will apparently be available on Nintendo NX.

Nintendo has not shared any official details regarding the NX console, but based on what we have learned in the last couple of months, there?s a possibility for NX to be compatible with mobile games. Many players are waiting for backwards compatibility with Nintendo NX?s release, but it seems that Nintendo would disappoint fans.

From the Pokemon GO players? perspective, those who have been complaining about the game?s nature would be happy to catch Pokemon at home as there is a possibility that it will have additional features. If Nintendo brings the game on NX, it would certainly help those who want to catch Pokemon but cannot go out.

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