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Pokemon GO: How To Play Without Looking At Your Mobile Phone

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Pokemon GO

You have to look at your phone while playing Pokemon GO to make sure you are not missing any nearby Pokemon. Sometimes, when you are on the move or unable to check your phone, it becomes hard to play the game. Nintendo?s augmented reality game requires constant attention, but having the Pokemon GO Plus device will put aside the necessity of looking at your phone.

The Pokemon GO Plus device works with any compatible smartphone with the game installed. The device supports Bluetooth technology and can be paired with the phone. The new Pokemon accessory comes is handy whenever the player is driving or wants to play the game without looking at the mobile phone. The device will vibrate whenever a Pokemon is within the range of the smartphone.

While playing the game on a smartphone, you would need to throw PokeBalls in order to catch Pokemon. With the new Pokemon GO accessory, you can simply press the button to catch ?em all. Niantic?s new mobile game not only focuses on catching Pokemon in the real world, but it also asks players to get involved in multiple activities. Finding gym locations and visiting PokeStops to collect new items is a routine task for players, and the companion device makes it really easy.

The wristband accessory for the mobile game provides a convenient and smart way to collect items and catch Pokemon. With just a click of buttons, players can collect PokeBalls, Eggs and other items without looking at their mobile phone.

Pokemon GO Plus will be launched on sometime this July, and the company has already started accepting pre-orders for the device. Interested fans can head over to Nintendo Store, Amazon and GameStop to buy it. However, the device is currently out of stock from such stores, and on eBay, many people are reselling it for more than US$100. The actual price of the device is US$34.99.

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