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Pokemon GO Pikachu Santa Hat: Evolve To Get Christmas Raichu!

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Aside from the Gen 2 creatures, Pokemon GO also has Pikachu in a Santa Claus hat. Few mascots are cuter than the Electric-type Pokemon, so seeing one in a hat should make fans smile. It turns out that there is more cuteness in store, as it keeps it’s hat when it evolves into Raichu.

Fans that are having a hard time evolving their Pikachu shouldn’t have a problem either. This video from JonnoPlaysCoc shows that Raichu with a Santa Hat can be caught in the wild. Most fans would prefer to evolve their Pikachu, since it’s stats would be better. However, those that want both can catch them both.

Electric Holidays

Catching a Pikachu (and now Raichu) in Pokemon GO is one of the attractions for the recent update. Both Pokemon are cute and powerful, so adding a Santa hat should make them more appealing. It’s not clear if these variations of the Pokemon are more powerful, but fans will definitely keep an eye out for them.

While Raichu does keep the hat when it evolves, it’s not clear if the hat is permanent. After all, the hat is holiday-themed, so it could disappear starting January. Hopefully more holiday-themed hats come in future events, since it gives these Pokemon more personality.

Affections Returned

Seeing Raichu wear the hat looks adorable and it’s nice to see the developers not ignore Raichu like they usually do. Raichu isn’t as popular as it’s pre-evolution form, since it was a foe in the anime.

Though these holiday-themed Pokemon are a treat, the best part about the update are the new baby ones. Pichu, Smoochum, Togepi and more are finally in the mobile game, and this should be a nice fix before the other Gen 2 Pokemon are brought in.

Pokemon GO is available now on iOS and Android devices. The mobile game has lost some momentum, but has recently gained steam thanks to the new Pokemon. Fans that prefer an actual Pokemon game can get Pokemon Sun or Pokemon Moon on the 3DS.

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