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Pokemon GO: Why You Should Pick Your Team Wisely

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The Legendary Bird Trio; Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres, available in Pokemon GO.

Now that we know what teams to pick in Pokemon GO, all that?s left is actually picking the team itself. We know that there?s no significant gameplay change when picking a specific team, but that shouldn?t stop you from picking one wisely. Let?s all remember that the game is in its early stages, so there might be more additions coming along, one of which might change up team picking. Here are a few reasons why you should pick a team carefully.

The Legendary Bird Trio

Each team color in Pokemon GO will be a representation of one of the Legendary Bird Trio: Yellow is for Zapdos, Blue for Articuno and Red for Moltres. We know that developer Niantic is one day going to let us get Legendary Pokemon, and picking a team might be crucial in doing just that. It?s possible that the Legendary Bird Trio will be exclusive to a specific team. This means that you might have to find other means in getting the other two Legendary birds depending on what team you?re on. Be sure to pick a team that could get you the Legendary Pokemon you want in the future.

Team Size

It?s also possible that the entire population of a team might one day be significant in gameplay. For example, global Pokemon battle events to pick which team is the best will put lesser populated teams at a disadvantage to those which are very populated. However, we shouldn?t count on this heavily as Niantic is sure to provide a fair playing experience to everyone, regardless of what they choose.

It?s Permanent

If the reasons above are true, then you should be more concerned as teams are permanent choices in Pokemon GO for now. If you want to choose another team, then you?ll have to create a new account again. Take note, however, that having multiple accounts is considered as cheating by Niantic.

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