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Pokemon GO Patch Releases: What You Might Have Missed

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It has been less than a month since the popular Pokemon GO hit the app store, initially in specific countries, but there are already patches that have been released. To help you out, here are all the updates that are made available for Pokemon GO and the reasons for the patches:

Pokemon GO 1.0.1 Update

This update on the game did not actually made some drastic changes on it but it did solve two minor issues yet valuable for the gamers. First thing that the patch fixed is the login issue with the Pokemon Trainer Club account.

According to reports, the update made logging in into the account more stable. It was in response to the problems reported to Niantic claiming that the Pokemon Trainer Club login was no longer working. Also, with this update, if a user is forced to logout, they do not have to re-enter their username and password, speeding up the process of returning to the game.

Another issue that the patch has fixed is the irrelevant Google account permissions that the game initially requested. As a result, some of the users feared for their security. On a good note, because of this update, only permissions that the game actually needs to run will be asked.

Pokemon GO 1.0.2

It was mentioned in the first patch that issues with the Pokemon Trainer Club login has been addressed. However, it turned out that the only thing the update fixed was the Google account permission problem. But with this update, gamers again have the ability to log into the game using their Pokemon Trainer Club account.

Pokemon GO 1.0.3

This is the latest patch released for the game, launched on July 20, 2016. However, it only fixes a minor issue that even fans are not happy about it – minor text issues. Gamers across the globe are expecting a bit more from the update, but they are disappointed with the patch.

Apparently, these patches are not what the fans want. Add-ons that will include battling and trading Pokemons would be more well-received. But, keep in mind that the game is still in its early stages so there are still a lot of room for improvements. Let us just hope that Niantic would soon release a more significant update of the game.

Are you happy with the updates available for Pokemon GO? What other things do you think should be fixed? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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