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Pokemon GO Patch: Latest Release, Previous Patches & What They Do

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Pokemon GO

The Augmented Reality-based Pokemon GO game has been around for about a month now and has managed to make the world go crazy in such a short duration. No wonder,?many countries are eagerly awaiting its release. However, like other games, this one also has flaws and Niantic has been proactive in rolling out the Pokemon GO patch releases to users of different platforms.

As it turns out, a new Pokemon GO patch for?iOS and Android has been released. Gamers should note that past patches came with just minor fixes, while the new one is a ?major? update. After installation, iOS users should see the labeled version as ?Pokemon GO 1.1.0,? while the Android users should see ?Pokemon GO 0.31.0.?

Speaking of features, the Pokemon GO players will now be able to customize their avatar directly from the profile screen. To top it off, ?footprints of nearby Pokemon? were not working for some time now. This feature has apparently been removed in the new patch.

Enhancements have been made to?Medals. Some of them are now flaunting unique icons, while formerly all Medals under the same rank used the same icon.

The layout of the summary screen has reportedly been changed and hence, the Transfer and Favorite options are now part of the menu button in the bottom right corner.

Furthermore, Gym animations, battle damage calculations and move powers have gone through some unspecified changes. The persistent memory issues have also been sorted out.

Pokemon GO

Meanwhile, here is a list of old Pokemon GO patch releases:

1. Pokemon GO 1.0.1 Update

This is just a minor update with a couple of fixes. The Pokemon Trainer Club account was not working earlier. This patch was?rolled out believing that it would make the login process stable. Later, it was discovered that this was a failed attempt.

The second fix was made to get the player back to the app with a single click. Earlier, players have to enter the login credentials every time they log out and try to log back in. This issue has been fixed.

The app was initially requesting several Google account permissions that were not required for the game. With this patch onboard, the app asks only those permissions that are required.

2. Pokemon GO 1.0.2 Update

Apparently, the first patch did not fix the Pokemon Trainer Club login completely. With this update, Niantic tried again and finally, fixed the login issue.

3. Pokemon GO 1.0.3 Update

This update was made available not long ago on July 20. There was literally nothing substantial to boast about in this patch. Minor changes were made to texts.

As Niantic?s Pokemon GO patch releases have not been ground breaking thus far, the new Pokemon GO 1.1.0 update seems like the real deal.


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