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Pokemon GO Optimizer: Automatically Check IV Stats With This Third-party Pokemon App

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Pokemon GO Optimizer

Despite its crucial use to competitive Pokemon GO players, a Pokemon?s Individual Values are hidden in the current build of the game. Players would often have to consult online IV calculators and crunch numbers for their own specific Pokemon. However, a third party program called Pokemon GO optimizer can be used to automatically measure your own Pokemon?s stats without computing, but it may still be difficult due to the app?s installation process.

According to a SilphRoad subreddit thread from justinleeewells, the ?v1.2.0? version of the Pokemon GO Optimizer has been released. This program can actually link your phone to your PC to easily display your Pokemon?s IVs in Niantic?s game. This way, players can easily see their Pokemon?s hidden stats and exact growth with a quick look at their charts.

While this program allows players to do away with computing their own Pokemon?s stats, the program is quite a pain to install as it?s code-heavy, as opposed to being just a simple, compiled, ready- to-use program. Additionally, the program is easier to install on Mac and Linux, while Windows users have more work cut out for them. Players may really have to put in some effort if they really want to compete and efficiently take Gyms in competitive Pokemon GO settings.

According to its source site, the program is undetectable by Niantic?s security systems. However, it?s still unknown if Niantic will allow the widespread use of complementary third-party programs to continue. At worst, Niantic may start a crackdown on Pokemon GO Optimizer users if they stop allowing third party programs to be used for their game. Therefore, use this program at your own risk.

Alternatively, you could opt for the manual IV Calculators to guide you which Pokemon you should keep. While it may reintroduce you to hours of computing heavy mathematical data, it?s definitely less incriminating due to its lack of ties to your in-game account. Perhaps the difficult system to be strong in the game balances out the simple, semi-automated PvP gameplay of Pokemon GO. If the competitive scene starts to becomes too tedious, players can still enjoy the game through creature collecting and its massive social gameplay, so no worries.

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