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Pokemon GO On Windows Phone? Download PoGo With New Features Following Niantic’s Update

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Pokemon GO

If you are one of those Pokemon GO Windows Phone fans, here is an update. Sometime in July, a new app called ?PoGo,? designed for devices powered by Windows 10 OS, was released. The app worked on Windows 10 smartphones as well as PCs.

As it turns out, ST-Apps developed PoGo app to give a chance to the desperate Windows Phone users, waiting forever, to?play Pokemon GO. Not to forget, many Windows users had signed a petition urging Niantic to release a version compatible with the Windows platform.

In fact, this app was released after seeing the petition and the demand across the globe. However, Pokemon GO?s recent update/patch broke the PoGo app.

Niantic made?changes to the APIs in the latest update, and hence, PoGo app cannot connect to the game anymore. However, one of the developers of this app has taken to GitHub to inform that the company is trying to develop a new PoGo app for the Windows Phone users.

Pokemon GO

Will the Windows Phone-Based PoGo App Work Hereafter?

The latest update from this team is that all the major problems have been fixed and they have already started implementing the new APIs. It is just a matter of days before we get to know the new, re-designed PoGo app release date.

What Are the New Features & Changes Made to the PoGo App?

Winbeta has listed the changes made in the PoGo app:

  1. With the latest app onboard, players will be able to flick to throw the?Poke Ball similar to how it?s done in the original Pokemon GO game.
  1. New map styles have been added to replicate the original game.
  1. A profile page has now been added with achievements.
  1. All the information about the captured Pokemon will apparently be listed in a single details page. This is where players can power up, evolve and transfer Pokemon.
  1. Many?Pokemon and egg inventory have been added, where the eggs can be incubated.
  1. While Google login support has been added, it?s still not fully functional.
  1. Apart from redesigning the UI and fixing common bugs, Translations have also been added.
  1. To top it off, the newly added device spoofing helps the Windows phone to behave like an iPhone to stay away from known bugs.

Where to Find PoGo App Related News & Updates?

The new version of PoGo app is 1.1.0-rc1. Pokemon GO Windows Phone fans can check out the?GitHub page for any new updates.


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