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Pokemon GO Now Available in the US, When Will it Launch in Your Country?

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Pokemon Go

Pokemon GO is the much awaited mobile game from Niantic Labs. The augmented reality game, which one can play on their smartphone or tablet, is certainly one of the most interesting games to be released this year. Pokemon GO allows its players to catch Pokemon in the real world using their smartphones. Niantic Labs has been hard at fine-tuning the game thru beta testing in select countries but not it seems that Pokemon GO is ready to launch.

Pokemon GO

According to The Verge, Pokemon GO is already out for both iOS and Android devices in select countries. The report highlights that among the lucky countries to get the game first are the US, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

The report added that the Pokemon GO app may not be available yet for some US users, but a tweet from The Wall Street Journal mentions that Niantic Labs has advised that US and Japan users should just ?wait for a while? to get the app in the App Store and the Google Play Store.

According to 9to5Mac, first time users are asked to create their own virtual avatar that will be used in representing them in the game. There will also be a tutorial to help the new players get acquainted with the mechanics of the game such as how to catch Pokemon.

So far the launch of the Pokemon GO game is just limited to those countries but we can expect Niantic Labs to release a complete list of launch dates in other countries very soon. Expect more news and updates on the Pokemon GO launch in the next few days as players will undoubtedly share their experiences with this exciting new game.

Check back here soon to find out exactly when you can expect Pokemon GO to launch in your country as well as other trending news in the world of gaming.

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