Pokemon GO: No PokeStops In Your Area? Blame Ingress

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With Pokemon GO out for almost a week now, it?s pretty clear that trainers in major urban areas and city centers have a distinct advantage over those in rural locations. With so much of the game centered on visiting PokeStops to collect items and level up, not having one near you can make the game feel frustrating, or even unplayable. Over on Reddit, some players have already started a petition asking developer Niantic Labs to add some more in-game landmarks to far-flung areas.

Pokemon GO’s Rural Trainers Need Some?More Attention

According to a commenter on the thread, part of the problem stems from Niantic Lab?s first title, Ingress. Much of the geographical data used as the foundation for Pokemon GO was based from the information gathered from Ingress users. In the over two years Ingress has been active, Niantic has addressed similar concerns to the ones being raised by Pokemon GO players now. However, it appears some of these refinements have yet to find their way into the game.

?What those of you new to Niantic games need to know is all their location data came from ingress players — geolocation foot soldiers. You’ve probably heard that before. What may not be known as much is they have roughly TWO YEARS of portal additions, relocations, and renamed they haven’t processed,? explained Reddit user Adahn_The_Nameless.

While both Ingress and Pokemon GO make use of geolocation data, their core gameplay is pretty different. In Ingress, it?s still possible for rural players to feel like they’re?making an impact on the overarching conflict. Pokemon GO, in its current state at least, is very much a solo affair, so it?s harder for those in far-flung locations to feel the same way.

To Niantic?s credit, it appears that they have been pretty speedy in responding to player feedback. After emailing the company, user Xombyphish reported that a new Pokestop and Gym popped up in his small suburb just 20 minutes later. ?Hopefully, this trend continues so users everywhere can have an optimal gameplay experience.

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