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Pokemon GO: No Legendary Pokemon Until Worldwide Release, Says Niantic at SDCC 2016

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Pokemon GO

While Marvel and DC duked it out at the San Diego Comic-Con 2016 with impressive trailers for Dr. Strange and Justice League, fans of Pokemon GO received some fairly interesting news about the game’s future. Fans have been wondering when they would be getting legendary Pokemon in the mobile title, and the answer seems to be when it gets a worldwide release.

It?s a fairly interesting answer, one that might divide some players, but it is also an understandable one. After all, some of the Pokemon are exclusive to certain countries, so it?s possible that the developers in Niantic are still deciding where certain Pokemon should be placed before the mobile game is ready for a worldwide release.

Pokemon GO was previously data mined and fans discovered that there are files for some of the original legendary Pokemon, like Mewtwo, Moltres, Zapdos and Articuno. It seems like the developers are just waiting for the perfect opportunity to release them, though some have theorized that some of the legendary Pokemon will be rewards for an event.

Knowing the nature of mobile games, fans can expect to see these legendary Pokemon in a future event of some sort. There are currently no events in the mobile game itself, since the game is not yet ready to be released worldwide. The game suffers from a number of flaws, such as the freezing issues and the infamous three-step Pokemon bug.

We won’t be seeing Mewtwo in Pokemon GO until a worldwide release.

Niantic said at Comic Con that they are aware of the three-step bug as well as the gym poaching, so the developers might be working on a solution for those soon. They even stated that the current build of the game is only 10 percent of what they set out to accomplish, so that sounds like we will see a number of huge changes as the updates come.

Pokemon GO is currently available in certain countries. The only way some players can access the title is by having an account in one of the available countries like America, Australia and New Zealand. The rest of the world will have to wait for a while, though it might come with legendary Pokemon.

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