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Pokemon GO: No Legendary Pokemon This 2016

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Pokemon GO

We?re all pretty excited as to when Niantic will release the coveted Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon GO. There are no telltale signs for now that we?ll be getting them soon, and with the game in the early stages, it might be possible that we won?t get Mew, MewTwo or any of the Legendary Pokemon until next year.

Waiting For Worldwide Availability

At the recently concluded SDCC, Niantic revealed that there will be no Legendary Pokemon until the game is available worldwide. This seems like a rather fair move as it will give all players an equal chance at getting the Pokemon. However, there?s still a lot of regions wherein Pokemon GO is not available yet, and with no definite release date for these regions, the release frame for Legendary Pokemon is uncertain as well.

Master Balls

Some players managed to data mine the codes of the game. One of their discoveries is that the Legendary Bird Trio have a base flee rate instead of a capture rate. They then begun speculating that the Legendary Pokemon can only be captured with a Master Ball, which, in the Pokemon lore, ensures the capture of any Pokemon once thrown. Niantic is yet to introduce a Master Ball, and it may take time before they give it out in an update considering how busy they are with fixing the game?s issues.

There?s Still A Lot Missing From The Game

From a fan?s point of view, it?s obvious that there?s a lot of staple Pokemon features missing in Pokemon GO. Trading and breeding, for example, have yet to be incorporated in the game. Along with the game?s balancing issues and the rescheduling of the Pokemon GO Plus? release date, it?s unlikely that Niantic will introduce something as big as Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon GO just yet, considering that there?s a lot of work to be done first. Once these things are sorted out and Ditto becomes available for catching, then maybe we?ll get to see the epic Pokemon in the wild.

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