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Pokemon GO: Why Niantic Won?t Introduce Gen 2

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Pokemon GO is currently about to reach its first month since its release, and fans and players alike are still head over heels with the game. There?s 151 Pokemon in the first gen, and while some of them are not available for catching yet, there?s still plenty of Pokemon available. Some fans are probably waiting for an update that will add the second generation of Pokemon to the augmented reality title, and although Niantic has hinted that more Pokemon are coming, there are a few signs that show that this will ever happen.

It?s Too Big

There?s a total of 100 more Pokemon in generation 2, and adding it in Pokemon GO may make the game bigger than it is already. If there are 251 Pokemon in the game, people might find it extremely difficult to look out for one specific creature, and it?ll be an even harder task to complete the Pokedex with more creatures to be possibly region locked.

Things Might Get More Confusing

If there are a total of 251 Pokemon, then chances are that Niantic will have to implement a new system that allows a fair chance at all of the Pokemon. It?s possible that generation 1 and generation 2 might be given schedules as to when they?ll be available in the wild. This might make the game a tad confusing, and some players might not be too keen on getting more ?Pokemon.

The Hype Might Die Down Soon

Due to the game?s unforgiving servers and battery drainage issues, some players are opting on quitting the game completely. The lack of variety in the game also adds up to its negative points, as catching Pokemon becomes tiring eventually. Unless Niantic adds more exciting features to Pokemon GO to keep the hype from dying down, they shouldn?t expect a better reception from fans if they do plan on releasing the next set of Pokemon.

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