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Pokemon GO: How Niantic Will Punish Pokemon Locator Users

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After a good amount of negative comments from the Pokemon GO community, Niantic has finally fixed the three step bug from the augmented reality game by taking out the Pokemon Nearby feature completely. Players are left without an official Pokemon tracker for now, and some may opt to continue using or switch to third party apps instead. However, players should be wary of using these third party apps as Niantic may one day reprimand players. To give a glimpse of the dev?s future actions, here are a few ways Niantic could punish players,.

Temporary Ban

This is one of the more common punishment methods by any developer. That being said, it?s likely that Niantic will ban any player proven of using apps such as PokeVision, but since it has already been taken down by Niantic, players will have to use alternatives. It?s possible that violating Niantic?s terms of use might only result in a temporary ban as a permanent ban may be too harsh considering that players have no other alternative to Pokemon Nearby.

Account Removal

In very severe cases or several offenses, it?s likely that Niantic will give justice by actually removing the account of the player, including his progress. We?re hoping that it doesn?t come to this, as leveling up and catching the Pokemon in Pokemon GO is no joke and requires hours upon hours of walking and grinding.

No Punishment At All

Despite Niantic showing disapproval of third party apps over the past few weeks, it still hasn?t taken any action in reprimanding the players. This is likely because Niantic offers no alternative to the issues for now. For example, with Pokemon Nearby being officially off Pokemon GO, players can no longer check out any possible Pokemon within the area through the app and are left to wander aimlessly without a plan. The only choice they have is by using apps like PokeVision. Players really have no choice, so Niantic may let it slip? for now.

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