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Pokemon GO: How Niantic Could Introduce Gen 2

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The 1st gen of Pokemon that will be available in Pokemon GO totals to an impressive 151 creatures, 145 of which are readily available for catching. Everyone knows that the series holds hundreds more of Pokemon, and many are eagerly waiting for Niantic?s go signal for the next generation launches. It?s likely that Niantic won?t release gen 2 without a catch, but one player?s theory could be a very good model for Niantic.

Reddit user WayBye details how Niantic could make generation 2 available to Pokemon GO players. The theory comprises four steps that add a lot more depth to Niantic?s augmented reality title.

The first step introduces one of the missing core Pokemon features in Pokemon GO which is breeding. With breeding introduced, players will be able to pair up opposite-gendered Pokemon to get some Eggs. Like hatching and most other things in the game, breeding Pokemon requires the player to walk a few kilometers.

Players will need to hatch the Eggs. But before that, players might be required to complete a certain percentage of the Pokedex before Professor Willow allows the next 100 Pokemon slots to appear in the player?s Pokedex. Once done, players will be able to acquire next gen Pokemon, but not those in the wild yet. Instead, players can get some of the baby Pokemon introduced in gen 2 like Pichu and Magby through the Eggs from breeding.

Step 3 occurs when players have acquired some of the baby Pokemon. With step 3, players will be able to evolve some of the gen 1 Pokemon into their evolution in gen 2 like Golbat?s Crobat and Onix?s Steelix.

With a baby Pokemon and a new evolution acquired, Prof. Willow will formally introduce gen 2 Pokemon by first handing out one of the gen 2 starters. Gen 2 Pokemon will also be appearing in the wild, and Pokemon GO will take a cue from the day and night cycle introduced in the second set of Pokemon RPGs by making most of the gen 2 Pokemon appear at night only.

This theory is pretty plausible as it doesn?t disrupt the gameplay experience of any other player. Niantic is yet to announce how gen 2 will be introduced, but we?re hoping it comes close to this.

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