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Pokemon Go: Niantic to Increase Hard-to-Catch Spawning Lapras!

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Niantic is well known for experimenting with different ideas in order to maintain the excitement for Pokemon trainers. The idea behind introducing ghost Pokemon for the Halloween event has made the company earn ?the highest grossing app in the world? title. ?Right from daily bonuses to Pokemon super nests, the company has left no stone unturned to woo the players.

The company even planned to introduce 100 new Gen 2 Pokemon sparkling just like Gold and Silver. The recent update from the company has declared increasing Lapras spawns in new locations.

Spawning Lapras- The hardest Pokemon to catch

Lapras is the hardest Pokemon to catch for players. Right now, they are rarely seen in four regions-specific Pokemon that spawn in NA, EU, Asia and Oceania. But Niantic is limiting spawns to very specific areas that are affected by Tsunami, which is a new step for the company.

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Lapras is the most popular Pokemon in the game because of its nice gesture and immense powers. It is the hardest monster to catch in the game too because of its limited visibility. But now trainers can catch them at new locations.

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A step towards a good cause!

With this update, Niantic is taking a humble step to developing Tsunami affected area in Japan. The only reason for increasing the Lapras spawn was to support the tourism industry of the affected areas.

Right now the company is planning to limit the hardest Lapras on the coastlines of the Iwate Prefecture, Miyagi Prefecture, and Fukushima Prefecture. The event will be live up until 23rd November, as the fans can plan their new year trip to the island. Those who reside near these locations can take the advantage in advance.

It?s nice that Niantic is experimenting with new ideas to encourage road trips, mass meetups, and good causes.

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