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Pokemon GO: How Niantic Should Fix Pokemon Nearby

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Pokemon GO

Niantic recently spoke out about its current plans with Pokemon GO after the negative response from fans due to the recent update and the removal of PokeVision. It?s apparent that Niantic will do its best to sort out all the issues in the game including the faulty servers and especially the broken in-game tracker. The good thing is the tracker isn?t entirely broken, but it?s obvious that it requires a little fixing. Here?s how Niantic should fix the tracker in the Pokemon Nearby feature.

Create A New Tracker Entirely

The developers of apps such as PokeVision and PokeTrail make use of Niantic?s API to ensure that each data is accurate. It?s a bit weird that Niantic itself is having trouble with perfecting the tracker while other developers have somewhat perfected it. It?s possible that there?s something wrong with the tracker and the three-step?s code, and it might be better to just create a new program. They could even model a new tracker to the likes of PokeVision.

Call For Third Party Help

PokeVision creator Yang Liu recently released an open letter to John Hanke and Niantic to express his qualms and concerns to Niantic. Liu spoke out not as an angry third-party app developer but as a fan instead. Since Niantic is obviously having trouble with the in-game tracker of Pokemon GO, a good solution would be to absorb PokeVision with the help of Liu and make it an official app for the game. It?s a win-win situation for all parties, including the players.

Listen To The Fans

The fans and players may not have the know-hows in developing a program or a feature, but they sure do know what needs to be improved in Pokemon Nearby. Some fans are commenting that Niantic isn?t listening to them, and it might be time to do so.

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