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Pokemon GO Next Major Update: Raids, Gym Rework, And All Clues So Far

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Pokemon GO
Source: The World of Pokémon GO has Expanded! video

As of late, Niantic doesn’t have any announcements about the next Pokemon GO major update. However, the recent Pokemon GO updates preps a stance on Niantic’s plan for its future content. Here’s the clues we found in the patches which could be building up the next Pokemon GO major update.

Raid System

The recent Pokemon GO gym change removed the stacked Gym Battle damage. The previous Gym system actually prevented groups of players to siege gyms together before it got removed. This was because the damage dealt by the defending Pokemon can stack and was applied to any new players that enter the fight. The damage can stack high enough to kill the player’s first attacking Pokemon. Niantic’s change to gyms might be encouraging the fans to get used to this practice before it introduces the Raid System.

Without the stacked damage system around, bringing groups for Gym takedowns are now viable. At best, this new gameplay meta encourages players to “raid” gyms rather than making them twice if they should attack it.

Gym Rework

As seen on orbesomebodysfool’s thread on the SilphRoad Reddit, fans speculate a new restriction from the “MAXSAMEPOKEMONATFORT” variable found in Pokemon GO’s datamined files. Potentially, this new system might be aimed to prevent players from using duplicate Pokemon in Gym Battles. Niantic may have noticed this trend and aim to change the gameplay meta with this new rule set

Some players leave multiple Blisseys or the best Pokemon around to defend their Gyms for them. Blissey is known to have high health in the whole Pokemon series. Stacking many Blisseys might not always assure victory in defending Gyms but it’s enough to stall their attacks for as long as possible. A new Pokemon GO Gym rework is a major update itself as the system hasn’t been largely changed since its release.

Alternative Use of Promo Codes

More than loot, other mobile games sometimes use computer-generated codes to link players to a specific battle. Cygames’ Granblue Fantasy uses this system to let players invite specific allies outside their friend and guild list. Pokemon GO might use the new promo code systems to possibly spawn the legendary Pokemon to fight them if they’re not outright obtained.

Potential Release Date

Even with Niantic’s scarce announcement and content releases, fans have been able to rule out a pattern for their releases. Apparently, Niantic releases major updates in a three month gap, in between release date quarters, and a Thursday. Niantic’s next set of updates will arrive this May 18 if this pattern is followed. We’ll just have to wait if Niantic releases their Pokemon GO major update soon.

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