Pokemon GO News: Twitch Cracks Down On Cheaters

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In Pokemon GO news, there will be more cracking down on Pokemon GO cheaters. It is not just Niantic anymore that are going hard against users ?playing? with bots. Even the popular gaming streaming site Twitch is doing its thing against cheats.

It is revealed by Twitch in a blog post that users that broadcast their Pokemon GO adventures using the help of cheats will receive repercussions. These users will receive a strike on their account. Users have been streaming their ?adventures? in the comforts of their own homes while the game actually requires players to go out. As per the Terms of Services of Twitch, these players risk getting their accounts suspended or worse, ended.

The Twitch blog post cited Pokemon GO?s Trainer guidelines to show that using third-party apps is cheating. The guidelines explicitly prohibit the use of modified and unofficial software. It also prohibits the use of tools or techniques to change or spoof locations. In addition, the use of multiple accounts is also prohibited. Also, the selling and trading of accounts is also being frowned upon.


Twitch announced that starting August 8, any user on their platform that promotes or uses cheating in Pokemon GO will receive a strike. This is in line with Twitch?s campaign to support video games. Allegra Frank, via Polygon, pointed out that Twitch has also recently cracked down on community gambling on Counter Strike: Global Offensive. This effort was in support to Valve?s own crackdown on Steam users that conduct gambling in and off games.

As allied sites like Twitch help Niantic crack down on cheaters, we can expect a more level playing field in the future on our favorite AR game, Pokemon GO. This will help ensure that all users play fair and to stop cutting corners.

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