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Pokemon GO News On Tracker, Poke Stops, Plus Answers To Beginner?s Questions

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It has been mentioned a lot of times already, but the phenomenon that is Pokemon Go is something we have not experienced for a long time in a game. If you do not know or have not heard about Pokemon Go, you must be living in another planet.

After its initial launch in North America and Australia, Pokemon Go is gradually being released to other countries worldwide, and has already been released in most of Asia.

Plaguing the game though is not knowing the specific area to look for nearby Pokemon. This lack of tracking in-game makes the experience for most players frustrating.

Imagine, walking for hours and not getting to catch that one Pokemon you wanted? Niantic promised a Pokemon Go update to address this. Also, what?s with the sudden disappearance of Poke Stops?

Previously, Niantic requested players to report Poke Stop locations that are inappropriate and potentially dangerous. Most locations reported were no-brainers like cemeteries and nuclear power plants, but other locations were removed for no valid reason at all. It seems that right now any Poke-stop location reported by anyone for any reason will be removed.

Here are some of the biggest questions asked by those not yet familiar with the game or just started playing it:

How and where do I catch Pokemon?

On the lower right part of your screen, the game tells you which Pokemon are nearby, you need to walk around to encounter the Pokemon. When catching a Pokemon, a colored ring will appear. The key is flinging the Pokeball when you see that ring. It is not confirmed but it seems that the smaller the ring the higher the chance of capture.

How do I get a Pokemon egg?

You can get Pokemon eggs randomly from Poke-stops. You can hatch the eggs by walking a certain amount of distance.

How do I make my Pokemon stronger?

You get stardust and breed-specific candy for every Pokemon you catch. You can power up your Pokemon using those. Another way is battling gym leaders.

Can Pokemon be traded?

Trading in Pokemon Go is not yet implemented.

Can I challenge my friend to a Pokemon battle?

Only Gym battles are implemented.

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