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Pokemon GO News: Real-Life PokeStop Restaurant In The Works!

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Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO has been making news since it was released by Niantic earlier this month. The augmented reality mobile game has become such a hit that an entrepreneur is planning to put up a real-world restaurant inspired by PokeStops.

The title has proved to be a profitable investment, reportedly making Nintendo $7.5 billion dollars within just two days into its launch. This has prompted adver-gaming opportunities as well as collaborations with big entertainment entities such as ?Game of Thrones? and ?Harry Potter.?

Now, a branding and marketing guru hopes to make the most out of the worldwide craze by putting up an actual Pokemon GO restaurant. According to TMZ, a certain James Kim is trying to secure trademark rights to put up this promising venture.

The establishment will reportedly be called “PokeStop,” referring to the in-game locations where Pokemon GO players refill their supplies.

Pokemon Go

Kim said he intends to open a number of branches, where Pokemon GO players could both fill up on in-game supplies on top of actual food offerings such as real-life food, coffee, tea and possibly even beer.

The entrepreneur said that he will need Pokemon lures to bring creatures to these PokeStops, where he also plans to host real-world Pokemon-themed events.

While the game has become so phenomenal just barely a month after its launch, its success has also brought forth several important security issues that Niantic needs to address – ideally before it makes business ventures outside of the game.

Last weekend, a fake Pokemon GO app made news for allowing hackers to access phones of players. This was discovered when experts detected a DroidJack remote access kit on VirusTotal, which is a repository for malware and compromised apps. Because of this, viruses and malwares were able to make their way into the devices of gamers from different parts of the world.

Pokemon GO was also plagued with issues within just hours of its launch as an APK leak caused access and connection problems. The leak supposedly delayed the game?s international release in certain territories.

Players have also complained about numerous in-game features. Pokemon GO cheats that illegally give access to in-game resources have also been circulating the internet.

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