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Pokemon GO News: Pokemon Sun And Moon Connect Feature Confirmed By Director

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It was rumored a while back that Pokemon GO would have some sort of connective feature with both Pokemon Sun and Moon. Well, it looks like it might not be a rumor after all, as the director for Sun and Moon has confirmed that they are hoping to make some sort of connective feature.

This is fairly interesting news, since there are barely any mobile games that have connective features with 3DS games. Nintendo only started making mobile games recently with the new Mario game for iOS devices, so that makes sense. Here is hoping there are some cool surprises for Pokemon fans.

Instant Connection

Despite losing some momentum in recent months, Pokemon GO is still pretty popular. Often made fun of or seen in television shows, the mobile app is still popular. With Pokemon Sun and Moon taking the franchise to new levels, it makes sense to make some sort of connective feature between the games. It’s the best of both worlds, at least for 3DS players.

The director confirmed the news during an interview with Game Informer. “We want people who picked up Pok?mon and learned about it through Pok?mon Go to also play Sun and Moon and the main series games,” Junichi Masuda said. “We want to have a kind of way to connect the two, or have a way for people who enjoyed one to enjoy some of their progress in the other. But that will definitely come down the road.”

While he didn’t state what the features would be, he did state that he wants players to familiarize themselves with the mobile game. Here is hoping 3DS players get some sort of reward or bonus for connecting one of the 3DS games with the mobile title.

Bonuses For Pokemon GO Players?

Since the mobile game can connect to the 3DS games, one has to wonder what benefit the mobile players will have. Perhaps the connection can give fans some extra candy for Pokemon or some EXP for the player. A rare Pokemon or two would be nice as well, though that is pretty doubtful.

Pokemon Sun and Moon are slated for a November 18 release, though the demo is available now. No details for the connective feature have been revealed, so fans might have to wait for an update or two. It looks like fans of the games will need to wait for a future announcement.

Pokemon GO is available now on iOS and Android devices. The app is free, but players can purchase items with real money. ?

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