Pokemon GO News: Niantic Labs Community Manager Denies Affiliation With Pokemon Game?

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Pokemon GO?s status as a global phenomenon is undisputed. However, three weeks into its launch, some cracks have started to form around its once sterling reputation. From the constant server instability to reports of rampant GPS spoofing cheaters, it seems the internet?s favorite pastime as of late has been calling out Niantic on all its shortcomings. This doesn?t even cover the ongoing disaster that has been Pokemon GO?s still non-existent roll-out into the majority Asia and South America.

Niantic is Feeling the Heat From Irate Pokemon GO Players

It seems like some of this backlash has finally gotten to Niantic. On Twitter, Niantic community manager Andrew Krug said that the company is in the process of hiring a dedicated representative to help communicate with fans better.

?We are currently hiring a Community Manager for Pok?mon GO. My involvement is?@ingress focused,? read Krug?s tweet.

The announcement was met with some mixed views from players on the Pokemon GO subreddit.

?I like how his Twitter description reads ?Global Community Manager for @NianticLabs (@PokemonGoApp & @Ingress)? but he’s detached himself completely from Pokemon GO with this tweet,? said commenter Jon_Snofap.

Another commenter named ctharvey put it in simpler terms: ?He doesn’t want to touch POGO with a ten-foot stick lmao.?

Hopefully, Niantic can get fans back in the loop soon so it can quell the recent deluge of negativity surrounding the game. Gamers everywhere obviously want the game to succeed, but this recent string of bad news has definitely hurt it a lot.

?I have a feeling they are tiny and have no idea how to handle this type of explosion. Sad really when you think about how fickle retention rates are with mobile games. They had a gem and did every single bad thing a new game company could have done. Knee-jerk reactions all over the place,? wrote commenter notnellie on the thread.

Despite the game?s problems, it?s still early. Hopefully Niantic can turn this ship around and get Pokemon GO back on course to being the game everyone?knows it can be.

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