Pokemon GO News: Limited Edition Pokemon Version Of Apple iPhone 6S Launched

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Pokemon GO Apple iPhone 6s From Caviar (Photo Credit: Caviar)
Pokemon GO Apple iPhone 6s From Caviar (Photo Credit: Caviar)

Yesterday, Niantic released a new?Pokemon GO update with loads of fixes and enhancements. The company has been tirelessly releasing the game across the globe one region at a time. Now reports say that the game is the theme behind a new opulent smartphone.

The luxury brand Caviar is known for customizing the latest handsets with pure gold, diamond, titanium and platinum, among others. However, this time around, the company has jumped on the bandwagon to cash in on the Pokemon GO madness that has taken over the world.

Caviar just launched the?Pokemon GO edition of the Apple iPhone 6s. However, not everyone will be able to buy this device as it is a limited edition variant. Caviar will be making 77 units only of this Pokemon GO edition.

Based on the photos, the handset looks stunning and chic and has luxury written all over it. The back of the handset flaunts a Pokeball logo, which is gold-plated. The rest of the rear panel has titanium with some interesting figures engraved all over it. The device will set the buyers back by $2,700.

Pokemon GO

As it turns out, the iPhone 6s Pokemon Go edition will be available in Russia when the game gets an?official release in the country. As of today, the game has spread its wings to many countries, including those in Asia. Therefore, the next logical stop is Russia.

There will also be an add-on to the device. Apart from the stunning back panel, buyers will also get a dedicated Pokemon GO account. This account will be filled with the maximum amount of Pokecoins one could get. This means the device user will get 14,500 Pokecoins, which costs $99.99.

Interested buyers and window shoppers can check out the?limited Pokemon GO edition of Apple iPhone 6s from Caviar?s official website.


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