Pokemon GO News: Judge Bans Catchers Inside Courtroom with Hilarious Note

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Judge bans Pokemon GO in courtroom

In Cebu City, you can be fined or put to jail if you?re caught playing Pokemon Go in this judge?s courtroom. Judge Yvonne Cabaron Artiaga of Municipal Trial Court in Cities (MTCC) Branch 3, Cebu City banned the hit augmented reality game on Thursday, when she observed that one of the attendees was intently looking at his phone and then smacking it. She was sure the man was playing Pokemon Go and it distracted her during the proceedings.

A warning is now posted on the courtroom door, which Artiaga herself wrote and signed.

?Under pain of contempt, Pokemon catching inside the court is strictly prohibited. Justice may be blind but it can see Pokemon catchers. Violators will face fine and imprisonment,? the notice outside the courtroom door read.

To emphasize the anti-Pokemon court more clearly, Artiaga posted another sign outside her office door, and signed it as well.

?There is no Pokemon in my chamber. I will use the full extent [of] my contempt power for any Pokemon-related disturbance. Knock at your own risk.?

pokemon go

Judge bans Pokemon Go inside the court, cites contempt for violators.

Direct contempt

According to the law, any person found guilty of direct contempt will be fined an amount not exceeding P2,000 (around $42), or imprisonment not exceeding 10 days, or both, under the rules of court.

In the US, a company has issued a memo to staff for employees who couldn?t resist playing the game at work. Boeing announced a ban on installing the app on mobile phones issued by the company.

According to tech website 9to5, the memo reportedly reads: ?Due to the popularity of Pokemon Go and users not being able to make the conscious decision to not play Pokemon at work?we had a near miss for a user getting hurt while playing the game. Due to that, we had to react and disable the Pokemon app from all devices?we had over 100 active installs of that application.?

It all comes down to workplace etiquette. Pokemon Go, being an augmented reality game, is difficult to play discreetly. The game requires you to position your mobile phone at certain angles to be able to shoot Poke balls at your intended targets. You simply won?t be able to pretend that you?re not catching Pokemon. So, avoid getting into trouble, and just read TheBitBag on your work hours instead.

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