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Pokemon GO News: Heatmap Shows Possible Rare Nest Locations

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PokeVision helps out a lot of players who are currently on the lookout for any available Pokemon near their area in real time. However, it fails to show one of the valuable areas in Pokemon GO which are Nests. These areas contain several units of one Pokemon, so it?s a treasure trove for any trainer. A new web app is very promising and could lead to a future web app that can show off locations of Pokemon Nests.

LssRyu recently shared a heatmap that shows locations of the valuable Pokemon and areas that they often spawn in. This heatmap also uses Niantic?s API, so the data inside is pretty accurate, much like PokeVision. With the heatmap, Pokemon GO players can plan their travels accordingly so that they get to nearby areas with sure Pokemon spawns.

The heatmap doesn?t actually reveal the location of Pokemon Nests, however, since it shows off the areas in which Pokemon are prone to spawn in, but it?s still a big help to players. Players shouldn?t expect to catch several of one type though, so they?ll have to continue travelling in hopes of chancing upon Pokemon Nests. Since the heatmap does reveal Pokemon spawn hotspots, the best it could do is guide players to any possible location wherein a Pokemon Nests exists.

However, the creation of the heatmap does show the possibility of someone finally being able to come up with a web app that pinpoints the location of all Pokemon Nests using Niantic?s API. It might only be a matter of time before that happens, considering how Niantic isn?t reprimanding anyone that creates a third party app. For now, Pokemon GO players have this and PokeVision to get by with Pokemon catching, which are more helpful as compared to Pokemon Nearby.

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