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Pokemon Go News: Generation 2 to Arrive Via the Game’s December Update?

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Nothing in the world can seem to excite players more than the arrival of Pokemon Generation 2 in Pokemon GO. Fans are still patiently waiting for its arrival. When exactly will Gen 2 land on Niantic Lab?s extremely popular mobile gaming app?

Rumors are swirling that Pokemon Gen 2 will arrive via the game’s December update. Pokemon GO is reportedly receiving a major update next month and it will include several huge game contents. Fans are hoping that the upcoming episode will also introduce the list of new Pokemon from Gen 2.

The December update might also come with other extra contents. These may include new player versus player (PvP) scenes. It is speculated that the forthcoming PvP rounds will look like the Nintendo Pokemon games.

The Gen 2 Update

Pokemon Go

Gaming news claims that the 100 new Pokemon for the Gen 2 update have already been coded in the game. This information was revealed by the data miners. They have previously learned the names of Gen 2 Pokemon that will arrive to Pokemon GO in the future.

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It is expected that Tyranitar is one of the new Gen 2 Pokemon to arrive in the game. Tyranitar is a Legendary Pokemon. The character might also be revealed next month and will come from the God Tier.

Tyranitar is expected to bring a new kind of gameplay. The legendary pocket monster has a maximum combat power of 3645. He possesses a good attack strategy, specifically in its most organic form.

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New contents are also expected to be added to the Gen 2 update. These new contents might alter the players’ usual activities. Players are also hoping for more player-to-player interactions.

Fans have been hoping for new ways to interact with their fellow Pokemon GO players. Niantic will most likely include a new trading system. A battle system might also be included.

Christian Times stated that another possible new interaction is a battle system. The battle system will allow two Pokemon trainers to fight each other in a private match. It will definitely be more exciting than the existing gym battles.

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