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Pokemon GO News: Game Freak Considering Pokemon Sun and Moon Special Connect Feature

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Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO is very different from a traditional Pokemon game. There are no battles against wild Pokemon, and players have to run their own Gyms instead of beating a Gym leader for a badge. So with all of that said, it looks like Nintendo wants to capitalize on the mobile game’s popularity by possibly adding a link between the mobile title and Pokemon Sun and Moon.

In a recent interview with Japanese website Famitsu, which was translated by Nintendo Everything, it was revealed that the developers in Game Freak are considering a link feature between the mobile title and the two 3DS games. While the developer admitted that the two games are fairly different from one another, there have been talks to add some sort of link feature between them.

What those possible features are have yet to be discussed, it could be good news for Pokemon Sun and Moon, along with Pokemon GO. Should there be a special connect feature, fans can expect in-game rewards for all the games involved, like Incense items or new Poke Balls, which should be nice for fans of either game.

Mobile titles having links to games of other platforms is nothing new. Fans that have the mobile version of Injustice can link it to the console version and get some exclusive goodies, like the New 52 skin of Green Lantern.

Will Pokemon GO have connection features with Sun and Moon?

One thing fans shouldn’t expect from the mobile game is new Pokemon from other generation. Sun and Moon are the newest titles in the series, adding a whole new 7th generation of Pokemon, while GO only has the first generation. The mobile title doesn’t even have legendaries yet, so it will take a while before we see new generation Pokemon in it.

Pokemon GO has yet to reach its full potential, stated Niantic during SDCC. The developers claimed that the mobile game is only 10 percent of their vision for it, so the game still has time to evolve and impress people. The mobile title is available now for certain countries, while Pokemon Sun and Moon won’t be released until Nov. 18 for the 3DS.

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