Pokemon GO news: Couple Sues Niantic For Having Pokestop On Property

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In Pokemon GO news, a couple in Michigan is taking legal actions against Niantic (and other parties involved) for turning their property into a Pokestop. Couple Scott Dodich and Jayme Gotts-Dodich of St. Claire Shores have filed the complaint as Pokemon GO made the conditions on their street, a private cul de sac, a nightmare.

In their lawsuit, it shows that the plaintiff?s problem is not quite unique. Complaints have been rampant including an Alabama cemetery that claimed the presence of Pokemon GO detracts from the cemetery?s decorum. The lawsuit also cites another case where ?Niantic even placed three Pokestops within the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C., prompting a complaint from the museum.? Before taking legal action, the plaintiffs tried to contact Niantic about their problem several times but they did not get any ?actual? response.

They only get automated replies saying ?Thank you for reporting this PokeStop/Gym. We will review and take appropriate action. You?ll receive a follow-up email once your request has been reviewed.?

?Revere Street, where the couple reside, is across Wahby Park, a small municipal park. Since the release of the game, visitors come in at any given time sometimes ranging from 15 to several hundreds using their mobile phones.

They revealed in their lawsuit that this raises significant issues. First, there is an issue of privacy as their street borders the Pokestop, gamers not only take over the park but also their property. Some were on their lawns and they even spotted a gamer looking right into their window. ?Players also regularly block driveways and park on the wrong side of the street, a major hassle. They also added that their neighborhood have veterans with PTSD and the traffic gets to them as well.

They also claimed that they were heckled and yelled at for calling the police, something they maintain that they never did. They also revealed that they were threatened when they asked someone to leave. The Pokemon trainer responded ?shut up b***h or else.?

Has the Pokemon mania reached a fever high? Should Niantic exercise better discretion in choosing Pokestops or Gyms? Are they doing it through automation that tweaking the location generation program might wipe out Pokestops or Gyms? Do they fear that this will anger players? Leave your thoughts below.

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