Pokemon GO News: Controversial Pokestops Removed

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Pokemon GO News

In the latest Pokemon GO news update, it seems that developer Niantic has disabled Pokestops found from the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park in Japan and the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C.

The Associated Press reported that Niantic has responded to the city?s email request to remove the PokeStops and gyms from the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, in time for last Saturday?s anniversary of the atomic bombing.

Pokestops were also removed from Peg Paterson Park in Sydney, prompting residents to celebrate the end of chaos, which included traffic jams, littering, and noise pollution. According to The Herald, a resident had complained regarding loud shouting throughout the night, people dumping garbage and cigarette butts and constant traffic jams.

In Utah, the Provo City Library has also requested the removal of Pokestops from their premises. VG 24/7 reported that the library, which contained four Pokemon Stops, has requested the removal ?because of the unexpected costs and increased problems [they] experienced.?

?As we looked at options available to us, we tried to determine a course of action that preserved the fun and enthusiasm for the game while also helping us take care of our building and minimize the possibility of a dangerous situation,? the request stated.

Pokestops disappearing

Also on other Pokemon GO news, months ago, Niantic has enabled a ?reporting? tool for both players and non-players to report dangerous and inappropriate Pokestops from the game. This resulted in missing Pokestops presumably removed for no reason at all, which has Pokemon GO players turning to social media to air their frustration.

There is a recommended solution to the problem, though. According to the website Heavy, players can request a new gym or Pokestop to be added in a specific location or business through submission of requests. It can be done through the official support page. It appears though that the page has been flooded with submissions so that it was unfortunately taken down. Even with players turning to Twitter to send requests to Niantic labs, no updates have been received whether requested Pokestops have been added.

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