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Pokemon GO News: How Businesses Are Taking Advantage Of The Game?s Popularity

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Pokemon Go

Everyone seems to be in love with Pokemon GO, with a majority of people around the world already playing the game. While Nintendo?s latest mobile game is alluring Pokemon fans, some businesses around the world have found new ways to attract customers with the help of Pokemon GO. From restaurants to electronic stores, bars and museums, everyone is coming up with unique and creative ideas to attract people to their business establishments.

Pokemon GO is still unavailable in some major parts of the world, but many reports are coming from different regions suggesting that businesses have started taking advantage of the Pokemon hype. A clothing store, which is a PokeStop, has put up a board to welcome Pokemon fans. The store is celebrating the fun with fans and is marketing its products at the same time.

A sign at a local bar somewhere also invites the AR game?s players. The bar is offering a special 10 percent discount for Pokemon fans. The business also highlights itself as a PokeStop, which would certainly be visited by nearby Pokemon players.

Pokemon Go

Meanwhile, a museum called Crystal Bridges which exhibits the art of America is inviting players to catch some of the highly popular Pokemon including Pikachu. On its official website, the museum has shared real images of the mobile title?s gameplay, suggesting people to visit the place and catch ?em all.

Additionally, a caf? called Banhwich is planning to host a challenge for the players. According to the caf?, those who?ll own the gym by 7 pm on July 30 will receive a US$50 gift certificate. The caf? itself is playing the role of a Pokemon Gym.

While some businesses are enjoying the Pokemon GO hype, some of them might be annoyed by unexpected visitors. This photoshopped image of a sign on a restaurant shows how businesses can force players to buy and pay stuff from their store. No matter how some businesses react to the players, many of them are serving them what they need. In fact, this sign at an electronic store is one of the most appealing marketing strategies every Pokemon fan would love.

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